Album Review – “Mirrors” by Deeper Upper


Lithuanian synth-pop just got put on the map.

Mirrors is the latest album by the Lithuanian synth-pop band, Deeper Upper.  Previous releases include two EPs: Structures (2013) and Ceremony (2015).  First of all, where have these guys been and why have I not heard of them prior to this release?

The answer is that they haven’t yet been given the global credit that they really deserve.  If this is the kind of electronic synth-pop that is coming out of Lithuania, people need to wake up and smell the sakotis and borscht.

But the bigger and perhaps more difficult question is this; How do you promote a band who is clearly creating a voice all their own to the masses who have since been missing out?  It’s almost too limiting to draw comparisons.  However, I’m reminded of 80s synth-op acts such as The Human League and Pet Shop boys with with significantly more substance including more powerful vocals.

Speaking of vocals, they are brilliantly mixed; soft and powerful and layered or simplified in all the right musical locations.  Mirrors could definitely appeal to fans of synth-pop (current and 80s), indie pop-rock and the like.

Guitarist Ignas Ivaska speaks on the diversity of their musical influences; “We’re fans of different music styles.  in our library you’ll find everything from 80s synth-pop to electronic, also from modern psychedelic rock to indie folk-pop.”

No Regrets is the first single from Mirrors. It’s never as bad as it seems.  it’s up to you to follow your dreams.” You just can’t argue with that.  By far the stand-out track for me is “Mountain on my Shoulders.”  What a crushingly beautiful track.  2:24 is my favorite moment in the entire album; emotionally intense and uplifting at the same time.

Overall, there is a feeling of a serious yet lighthearted message in Deeper, upper’s music but yet with enough room that 1. It’s not over-emotionally intense and 2. there’s enough room for the listener to drift into their own imagination.  In short, they are extremely well-balanced both musically and lyrically.

Mirrors was produced (near perfectly I might add) by Snorre Bergerud and recorded at Ymir Audio Studio in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Why these guys haven’t been picked up for support on a large-scale world tour, I’m not sure. Deeper Upper is one of those cases where you want to see the band become huge but at the same time maintain 100% creative control, not having a label dictate what they should release and when.

In 2015 Deeper Upper was nominated as the most promising band at the Lithuanian Music Awards.  Previously in 2014, the band received 1st place recognition at the EuroMusic Contest in France.

“We have no regrets.”

“You’re moving forward with all you’ve got.  You’re going for it, not giving up. The talking masses have no control.”

No room for argument there.  Diverse, heartfelt, dynamic, uplifting…these are a few words to appropriately describe Mirrors.  

Deeper Upper – synth-pop from Lithuania


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