Album Review – “Spaectator”by Leaether Strip

Spaectator – Leaether Strip

One rule has remained throughout the career of Claus Larsen (aka Leaether Strip).  That is… there are no rules; no rules, no boundaries and without question, no apologies.

Spaectator is the new album from Leaether Strip released on Rustblade Records.  CD, deluxe limited box, vinyl and digital download formats are available.

I had the chance to ask the man himself about the title of the album, how it differs from previous releases and how he got hooked up with Rustblade.

CL – Many of the songs on the album are about me growing up.  After my mother’s death, there were many things I needed to process and many harsh memories surfaced. For most of my life I felt like a spectator to my own family’s life and not part of it.  I never really had the strength to deal with that until after my Mom died.  She was my last contact and the only reason I held on to them.  

I promised my Dad before he died to take care of my Mother and I did.  I loved her very much but it was sadly not returned.”

“I hooked up with the Italian label Rustblade because they asked me for a cover version of a horror movie soundtrack re-release “Demons” and they knew I had no label and they asked.  I love the way they are very open=minded with genres.  They, like myself, love music of any type with heart and passion.  They also care for the collectors and vinyl lovers.  That’s very important for me.”

Leaether Strip prolific discography goes back to 1989.  Spaectator incorporates different elements of history, from the early 90s ebm/industrial soudn through tto today.  You’ll also hear an occasional hint of 80s new wave.

Claus has always pushed the boundaries of electronic music, defining it, redefining it and pushing the envelope.  It stands to reason why Leaether STrip has influenced a legion of electronic bands.  Spaectator stands up to any album he’s done.

The track “Same Old Shit,” is perhaps the most ironic because Spaectator is anything but that.  The haunting “White as Chalk” seems to recall the pain of losing his mother while feeling like an outsider to his own family as he described.  “Obligate” starts the album off and like some of the other tracks, recalls some of the mid-tempo Leaether Strip from the mid 90s.  “Filling the Graves” just makes you want to stomp.  It’s that simple.

Spaetator is consistently solid; no fillers and always moving both musically and emotionally.  It’s a musical introspective exorcism of this incredibly gifted and influential artist.  We should expect nothing less than that from Leaether Strip.

Thankfully, Claus shows no signs of slowing down.  Nothing will stop him; no household ghosts, no studio flood, no family illness, no lackluster promoter…Nothing.  Spaectator is an invitation to the mind and soul of Claus Larsen; a ticket to a haunted theme park.  consider that a gift.  Like many of his releases, Spaectator offers room for fans of ebm, industrial, goth and new wave music.

It’s a distinctly painted room; not always pretty but always uniquely personal.

Claus Larsen aka Leaether Strip  EBM from Denmark

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