“The Unlearning Curve” -Post Death Soundtrack Album Review

The Unlearning Curve – Post Death Soundtrack

Post Death Soundtrack-quite an appropriate name considering this apparent reanimation of an all but dead music industry.  That goes especially for those artists who cater to arenas such as electronic, ebm, alt-rock, industrial and goth.

Then there are artists such as Post Death Soundtrack who give us quite the paradox; they fit into all and none of the above genres.  They breath an entire new life into an industry that has suffered not just financially but also creatively.

But a word to the wise… if you are into one of the above mentioned genres, yeah you’ll probably enjoy this album.  But don’t you dare limit this band by encapsulating them into one of those styles.  This is an original voice.  Take it or leave it.  If you leave it…  sorry.  Your loss.  Jon Niles of Music Times said it well in a May 2016 article.  He said the tunes “challenge listeners” and that the band’s style could be described as “experimental” but that such labels are but cop-outs because there is so much going on in the music.

Between the synth-pop alt-rock of Lithuania’s Deeper Upper and now  Calgary’s Post Death Soundtrack, I have a renewed hope in the originality of the underground.  If I can help provide a small voice for these artists, I’m happy to do so.  While I typically would review brand new and forthcoming releases, this album (released 5.27.2016) needs to not simply be heard of but listened to.   The three members of Post Death Soundtrack are based in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. The album was mastered in Vancouver but recorded using studio facilities in several cities.

The Unlearning Curve is the band’s sophomore release preceded only by Music As Weaponry. Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson are the three guys who form the collective.

The Unlearning Curve brings forth feelings of hope and melancholy; looking forward and looking back; pain and joy.  It’s one of those things you just have to hear.  And hear it you must.  One truly distinct mark of Post Death Soundtrack is their unique vocal harmonies. “Beauty Eyes I Adore” is a perfect example of that against a trip-hop like background. “Little Alice” is like something you’d hear out of a twisted haunted circus freak tent.  There is actually almost a theatrical aspect or feel to this album.   “Through the Gates” is a haunting piano-vocal piece and is probably one of the most effective tracks on the album….though that’s incredibly hard to pick.

On one last note regarding the band name… in an interview, Steve Moore said that “in one sense it means that Post Death Soundtrack is everything you leave unfinished, unexamined.”

Let me be so bold as to add something to that concept from a listener perspective while reflecting upon something I mentioned earlier.  Maybe for us, Post Death Soundtrack also represents something for us to look forward to and a new hope we should have for the music industry.  Thanks, guys.  We, the lucky ones are looking forward to seeing what you have in the future.

Steve Moore
Kenneth Buck
Jon Ireson

http://www.postdeathsoundtrack.com/   https://www.facebook.com/postdeathsoundtrack/ https://postdeathsoundtrack.bandcamp.com/ http://www.last.fm/music/Post+Death+Soundtrack https://www.instagram.com/post_death_soundtrack/ https://soundcloud.com/postdeathsoundtrack

Works Cited: http://www.musictimes.com/articles/70431/20160502/post-death-soundtrack-unlearning-curve-album-review-listen.htm

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