Lebensessenz – “Tage der Nostalgie”Limited LP review

Lebensessenz – Tage der Nostalgie    Neoclassical, romantic solo piano

Ok.  We are going to take a bit of a left-hand turn again.  This time we are returning to 2010 for a very worthwhile purpose.  Lebensessenz (Life – in German) ‘s Tage der Nostalgie Limited vinyl LP.  This is distributed by our friend Bernd at Dunkelheit Productions.

Imagine this…  You are on a solitary walk.  It starts to rain as you arrive at an old home that has been abandoned for 40 years.  You enter to seek temporary shelter.  The air is uncharacteristically fresh for an abandoned place.  However, there exists a faint smell of hopes that have come and gone and the kind spirits of those who once lived in the house.

The only thing showing no signs of age is a classic piano.  Strangely enough, it is still in tune even after not having been played in 40 years.  You sit, contemplating playing to pass the time while the storm passes.  At that moment, the kind and timid ghost of a caretaker appears in the corridor.  He tells briefly of the happy moments when the family who lived in the home was brought together around the piano.

Just before you place your fingers on the keys, the caretaker’s ghost disappears and the piano begins to play itself.  It plays for 50 minutes and 13 seconds.  The storm passes, you slowly walk out of the home with a memory of your own.

You just stepped into the world of Lebensessenz.

Lebensessenz is the master work of Brazilian-born Newton Schner Jr.  His discography extends back to 2004.

Tage der Nostalgie is a simple but emotional, minimalist romantic solo piano album.  Quite honestly, I find it hard to believe that Dunkelheit has not sold out of the 350 copies printed of this limited vinyl release yet.  Imagine the added character of the LP release.  Tage der Nostalgie is occasionally fast, but often mid-paced or slow…always romantic and nostalgic sounding.  It’s simple emotional brilliance is just Mr. Schner and the piano… possibly being inspired by memories or ghosts from his own past.

What else needs to be said about Tage der Nostalgie? It’s as simple as the meanings of the album and artist’s project.  It’s an all too short, yet beautiful simple journey filled with emotion, memory and an occasional ghost or two.  At least it is something we can return to…. just like the abandoned home you stumbled upon during the rain storm.

Newton Schner, Jr.

https://www.facebook.com/Lebensessenz/                                       http://www.dunkelheit-produktionen.de/releases_lebensessenz_lp_en.html http://www.last.fm/music/Lebensessenz

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