Chiral – “Gazing Light Eternity” Album review

Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity    “Atmospheric Post Black Metal” – Italy  

Most black metal artists cannot do in 4 albums what Chiral is capable of in 4 tracks.

But then again, Chiral is an exception and much more than black metal. Furthermore, many artists unlike Chiral fear defying restrictive definitions.

Chiral is a “one man band Italian band from the countryside that started at the end of 2013.”(bandcamp). Gazing Light Eternity is the latest album.

Here is why Chiral is so brilliant and why Gazing Light Eternity is such a great piece of work. This one-man band can build upon simple, even occasionally repeated patterns with either keyboards or guitar creating an uplifting emotion until the end of a part or the end of the song. The only other artist I’ve known to do something like this successfully is Alcest….and even Alcest is more shoe-gaze in style.

Part I is probably the heaviest and most closely related to what some would consider “traditional” black metal; the blast beats, tremolo guitar and screams.  But still it uses what seems to be a Chiral trademark of building lush sonic compositions from combining simple patters and effective build-ups.

Part II is a mellow atmosphere with nature/rain sounds in the background.  What sound like distant birds seem to be strategically placed reverb guitar bits.  Part II is reminiscent of a solitary walk in the spring woods.  At 1:52 a short dialog between a man a woman appear.  Again, Chiral builds up with a slow pace of drums, chimes, heavier rain and also with a somewhat keyboard-based ambient backdrop.  The track then drops back down with the slow fade of nature.

Part III builds upon a simple tremolo/single pick guitar blend and effectively placed black metal-esque vocals.  Enter piano and ever-increasing crushing drums.  It calms about 5:00 and only to begin again 30 seconds later.  By the end of the track you have a crushing barrage of blast beats, vocals and such an effective layering of guitars and keyboards finally tapering off with the guitar.

Part IV begins similarly to Part II but with the very skillfully and well mixed distant sound of screaming guitar meandering with the ambient keyboard….again to the backdrop of nature and the rain.

You can’t do a review on an album like this justice just speaking about technical elements and not atmosphere.  Chiral uses patterns, simplicity, build-ups and backdrops so skillfully and brilliantly that it allows the listener a dynamic uplifting and refreshing journey.  I’m very grateful he brought this to my attention.  But it’s my job to tell you that this artist should not be ignored.

To briefly recall a quote from the dialog that appears in Part II (The Haze)… “Everyone is always saying “seize the moment.”  It’s the other way around…the moment seizes us.” “It’s constant…the moments.  It’s like it’s always right now.”  

That is a bit like what Gazing Light Eternity is.  It’s a brilliant, lush, blended series of moments…contemplative, emotional, nostalgic and uplifting all around.  Explore.  Journey to Chiral’s past discography and stick on the path with him.

Gazing Light Eternity is available (in very ltd. quantities) in Digipack with 8-panel booklet.  Note: On Bandcamp only 19 copies out of 500 remain as of the time of this writing.  Full 11-release digital discography is also available.

Chiral – Italy


  1. Part I (The Gazer) 14:50
  2. Part II (The Haze) 6:21
  3. Part III (The Crown) 13:15
  4. Part IV (The Hourglass) 6:09                     

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