Houston Power Noise V/A CD Review – “Eleven Notes in Black”

V/A Houston Noise Compilation

Depending on what side of the proverbial coin you are on, power noise (aka power electronics, noise music) can either be completely dismissed and hated or very attractive for those interested in the most extreme sonic art.  Either way it cannot be ignored.

What people don’t understand when it comes to power noise, you don’t listen for the same reasons you might non-noise art.  In the case of power electronics or noise, you listen for dynamics, layers, abstraction etc.  You listen with your head and feel it in your gut.  At times power noise can be a tool for those actively seeking discomfort or in some cases it can be oddly therapeutic. So today we have a release again from Mask of the Slave Records profiling the Houston, Texas Noise “scene”; Eleven Notes in Black.   

Mask of the Slave Records presents not just a great compilation of American power noise. It’s also a great introduction to the variety of sonic destruction capable by the minds of these artists.  The 11 artists: Melanie Riehle, S.P.I.T., Loudspeaker, T.E.F., Last Rape, Concrete Violin, Forced Orgasm, Werewolf Jerusalem, Baptist Skin Communiti, In the land of Archers & White Nurse Black Death.

The album came out in 2009 but some copies still remain.  I’m not sure how many so find out from Mask of the Slave records.  And why do we bother covering certain releases from years ago?  It’s simple.  They need to be heard.  Call it power electronics, noise, experimental, noise music… whatever.  It is not for the faint of mind.  These are artists extending the envelope of sonic art.  It’s disturbing, chaotic, simple, abstract….all of this and whatever effect it has on you.  Great stuff.


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