Svart1 “Belet Lili” & “Ardat Lili” CD Reviews

Ardat Lili – Svart1
Belet Ili – Svart1

Going back to our dark ambient/noise theme, here we have a dual CD review of Svart1’s Belet Lili Ardat Lili releases. While the sole member, Raimondo Gaviano is from Italy, both of these were released by Mask of the Slave Records based in Romania.

These Svart1 releases are most effectively felt (notice I didn’t just say heard) by listening with headphones or earbuds.  Here is the reason why.  Svart1 is simply a master of mixing and layering tracks.  While some sounds/tracks clearly bounce back and forth between the right and left channels, others often feel as though they arrive from the front and also from the back of the listener’s head.  I asked Raimondo about the tools, equipment and programs he uses.  Using Google translator, this was his reply:

“(I) use some synths and homemade instruments of a friend of mine but usually use the items found in abandoned places (iron objects, bones) and then rework with some effects with Ableton.  Then use a drone machine and even fields recordings.”

He further noted on the inspiration for these recordings…

“More inspirations that allows me to create music are the moods.  Usually moments of profound reflection on daily life and some distortions of world politics and social life.”

Svart1 is a master of production and combining the organic with the mechanic.  It’s appropriate to not single these albums out because they each make the listener almost feel a part of the recording, or at least right there while it’s being recorded.  There is dark ambient and then there is Svart1; a league of his own.

Ardat Lili was released in 2014 and limited to 300 copies.  Belet Ili was released in 2016 and limited to 250 copies.  Many of Mask of the Slave’s releases over the years are now sold out.  So, check with the label.  These Svart1 albums are best experienced one after the other.  So why are we going back in time again?  Because some recordings just need to be heard.  It’s that simple.

From… “His sounds, nordic-style typically, are the result of a  microcosm of dark and gloomy sound characterized by minimal movements between low evolutionary where used in a thunderous, metallic roar, shadowy Presences that materialize sound, like the experience and the feeling of alienation between dark presence floating around the ears of the unconscious passenger.” 

Svart1 creates very diverse, extremely interesting soundscapes and atmospheres.  The best way I can describe Svart1 is this… This is the soundtrack for moments in between events….some short and some lengthy.  Whether it’s the near-death experience, the time between sleep and awake, the eye of the storm or the moments just before a catastrophe.

Svart1 pulls you into his diverse atmospheres and makes the listener feel more of a part of the environment around them.


Raimondo Gaviano – Svart1                                           




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