Lock Up – “Demonization” Album Review

Demonization – Lock Up

Lock Up; what an ironic name for a collective of musicians who historically have played music that is anything but locked up.  I recall bassist Shane Embury saying in an Earache Records video some years ago… (referring to Napalm Death)…”I don’t think you’re going to get a band that’s more extreme than us.”  He obviously didn’t know at that time that he would be playing in Lock Up.

Let’s face it.  Anytime you’ve seen the names, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Pentegram, you know that you’re about to hear something extreme.

Lock Up’s latest incarnation features members from the above bands, namely drummer Nick Barker, bassist Shane Embury, vocalist Kevin Sharp and guitarist Anton Reisenegger.

Demonization is the new album from Lock Up to be released on March 10 via listenable Records. CD, digital and ltd. edition vinyl formats will all be available.

Honestly, Demonization lives up to the expectations that exist with the legacies of the aforementioned bands.  It’s still beyond me how Shane Embury and Nick Barker do what they do.  If you have ever seen them perform, they appear to play almost effortlessly. But we all know they have worked their tails off for many years.  Demonization also lives up to the name they’ve built for themselves.  In fact, it’s dead wrong to call these guys a “super group” as that label implies a type of short-lived side project.  It’s a collective of incredibly talented well-respected musicians.  Period.

Fast, furious, extreme, killer breakdowns and drum fills and often catchy as hell.  At times the music reminds me of the early 90s “Earache” and Florida sounds.  It’s not completely thrash nor death metal.  It’s just Lock Up.  Long time Lock Up fans won’t be disappointed and new fans perhaps only familiar with the bands I mentioned earlier owe themselves to check Demonization out along with Lock Up’s past discography.

Lock Up

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