La Breiche – “Le Mal Des Ardents” Album Review

Le Mal Des Ardents – La Breiche

La Breiche is credited to be the work of Yan Arexis and Patrick Lafforgue, most notably of the Pagan Fok band Stille Volk.  Even before hearing the album, you nearly know you are going to hear something unique when you see eclectic list of instruments used by the two members.

But immerse yourself in Le Mal Des Ardents ( translation – “Holy Fire” )for a little while and you begin to wonder if these two members were acting as vessels to conjure up the visions of archaic landscapes and pagan deities.  From Cold Spring,  Le Mal Des Ardents “is a concept album about fears, terrors, about the balance between folklore and reason, myth and common sense, light and darkness, past and present, modernity and archaism.”

A lot of the melodies remind me a little bit of good dungeon synth, only with a little more ambient backdrop and with natural instruments.  You can almost get the impression the band is perhaps summoning the pagan deities  through a sort of ritual, especially with the chant-like vocals. Moreover, they perform this ritualistic feel often with hand-made instruments which really gives the album more of an organic feel.  There are a few moments, however, when the vocals are absent and the dark ambiance takes precedence. It’s at those times where you can almost feel as though you are in a sort of medieval subterranean landscape.

This is a really nice release from two highly respected gentlemen….a good mix of dungeon-like feel with medieval folk and a large touch of their own dark ambient magic.  I strongly suggest you also dig into their discography to listed to their voices from the past, so to speak.

Out NOW on Cold Spring.


1. Le Mal Des Ardents (4:38)
2. La Nef Des Fous (6:46)
3. Apôtres Du Chaos (1:53)
4. Froide Lune (5:46)
5. Enfers (8:04)
6. L’Oracle Du Soleil (3:37)
7. L’Antre Du Pesteux (7:13)

La Breiche:

Yan Arexis: Voice, percussion for hide / wood, handmade instruments, stones, plants, metal sheets


Patrick Lafforgue: Chalémie (woodwind), Rebec (medieval bowed stringed instrument), chants, hurdy burdy, bombarde (medieval Breton wind instrument), flute; organ & harmonium                                                                            


2017 – Le Mal Des Ardents
2016 – The Darkness w/Sektarism, Huata, Vichy
2014 – Demo

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