Flutwacht – “Closecuts” live tape from 2012

Flutwacht – Closecuts (live-ltd. 50)  Power Noise from Germany

Rule #1 – Don’t listen to power electronics /noise tapes (or CDs) when you are driving a 6-cylinder car.  Why? Because the engine and the noise become one and you can’t hear any small issue that might be going on with the engine while you are driving.

But for the moment we are going to back in time again.  Why not?  My last review was for a re-release of a Coil album from the 80s.  Now we advance to 2012 for the release of German noise legends Flutwacht’s Closecuts tape.  This was released by Mask of the Slave Records and was limited to 50 copies.  As I’ve said with previous Mask of the Slave releases, I’m not sure how many copies are left so head over there to find out…

I’ve always been a huge fan of live albums for the most part.  But live noise albums are especially unique in some ways.  It’s one thing for a noise artist to record an album in the studio and have whatever spontaneity that occurs end up on the album.  However, with live recordings you get all the other nuances and mistakes (unless you doctor it up in a studio which is less likely for a noise release).

Closecuts is a collection of tracks that were recorded at various locations; Belgium, Spain, France and Germany.  The best way to describe this release is this… There are times when it sounds like the soundtrack to the trash compactor from the first Star Wars movie.  In other moments it sounds like the soundtrack to a cyberpunk junkyard experiment gone dreadfully wrong.  At other times, Closecuts just sounds like the end of the world.

The point is that it’s what you would come to expect from these German power electronics/power noise legends.  There is plenty of feedback and thick sonic destructive noise… even if it does make the driver next to you think there is something horribly wrong with your car engine.

https://www.facebook.com/Flutwacht/                                      http://maskoftheslave.ro/mirgilus/                                                       https://flutwacht.bandcamp.com/

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