Worship of Nuit – “Part I & II”Album Review

Vast, mesmerizing, blackened soundscapes.  That is the world created by Worship of Nuit. Hitting the “stop” button on your Ipod, is like having a dream you are falling and waking up just before hitting the ground.  It could be that abrupt.

Some dark ambient soundscapes provide the listener a sense of wonder and imagination into there own interpreted world.  Others, (Ok, well at least for this author), you wonder about the process of recording just about as much as the end result.  Some work is so much a part of the artists soul that it’s a direct result of ritual practice.  Such is the case with Worship of Nuit and I think one ends up wondering about each equally.  At the end of the day, music of this nature leaves you with a profound sense of wonder, wonder about the intended atmosphere, about the stages leading up to the final work and perhaps what may come after.

In the words of Worship of Nuit’s sole member “E.”, this is “ritual music, both in meaning and practice; It is sound solely for left hand path magikal practices and studies.” “It is the path to enlightenment, the practice of spiritual, mental and physical strengthening. From regular man to legend. Music has been a part of not only human society, but ritual practice in particular, for millennia. The idea is to create a soundtrack to the exploration of the innermost being, the one that many are shun and reject out of fear or confusion.”

The material on these albums were basically all created through the use of keyboards, field recordings and various percussive sounds (bones etc.).  The end result is a dark/black ambient trip into a different world.  So, listeners of these styles (and even some noise fans) could very well get into these two releases.  By the way, one look on EEE Recordings bandcamp site can only but lead one to the conclusion that “E.” is a remarkably prolific artist.

Part I: Thou Shalt Replenish thy Veins from the Chalice of Heaven                                                 Part II: I Am the Flame That Burns in Every heart of Man-and in the Core of Every Star

Part I begins with what sounds like a minimal noise-based breeze which continues at times for much of the duration of the album. At some point, a voice appears appropriately buried as if it is some sort of narrative between a conscious and subconscious state. Essentially, one can consider Part I as the journey & invocation and Part II as the arrival. The question is…is this place so far removed even from “otherworldly”? Or, is it perhaps that much of an internal drive into the subconscious and other areas of the “self” yet to be realized.

It’s often been said that “it’s up to the listener’s imagination.”  But maybe soundtracks like this are more relative to the listener’s responsibility.


http://eeerecordings.storenvy.com/                                       https://eeerecordings.bandcamp.com/                           https://www.youtube.com/user/eeerecordings

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