Charlotte the Harlot – “Agamogir” EP Review

Charlotte the Harlot – blackened death metal from Japan

Today we take a trip overseas to Japan where exists a criminally overlooked black metal scene.  Fortunately, labels such as Zero Dimensional are keeping it alive.


So, here’s Charlotte the Harlot.  Anytime your band name comes a song title from one of my historically favorite albums (Iron Maiden’s self-titled debut), you have my attention.  In the case of Japan’s Charlotte the Harlot, there is a lot of substance behind the reference.

Zero Dimensional was gracious enough to throw in our direction Charlotte the Harlot’s recently released EP, Agamogir our way; 5 tracks of incredibly fast and skillfully mastered blackened death metal.

Musically, Charlotte the Harlot seems to be somewhat of a mixture of black/death metal from past and present also with hints of traditional heavy metal.  These guys are clearly that diverse.  Two things really stuck out about the production; 1. the vocal layering – CtH presents a mixture of high pitch screams and low growls which merged together make for a really cool effect.  The vocals are spit out like a venomous python.   2. The dual guitar work.  There are moments where slower guitar parts are laid on top of faster guitar parts (i.e. single-picked notes played at about half the speed of the underlying parts.)  There is a good mix of fast/slow parts and single-note picking.

Ok, one more thing… there are at times where the music is reminiscent of the thrash metal of the 90s, specifically the material Noise records was putting out (i.e. Coroner) or even Kreator.  That’s perfectly fine in my book.

This is an incredibly talented band from a country and label that deserves more attention.  The talent exhibited by bands from the far east is at least equal to anywhere else in the world.  Make no mistake about Japan’s geographic size. Musically, there is huge talent in the fields of metal coming out of it.

I just can’t wait to see what Charlotte the Harlot does next.  Check them out on Zero Dimensional….still currently available.



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