Moloch – “Abstrakter Wald” Album Review

Abstrakter Wald – Moloch

Today we’re going to step into the dungeon and all the way back to 2012; that is, for some dungeon synth created by the incredibly prolific Ukraine native Moloch.

Before we go any further, special thanks to Metallic Media for the incredibly generous promo package.  You readers might be seeing their name pop up from time to time.

Background: From Metal-Archives – There were a pair of private live shows in 2009 and 2010 as closed dark ambient rituals for a “select number of people together.”.  The second live event was during the winter of 2010 at which a live demo was recorded.  In 2012 a remastered version of this ritual was released as a full-length album Abstrakter Wald.

So, this is the real deal; not simply a guy with one analog keyboard in his small studio with the lights out and candles surrounding him.  Even though most of Moloch’s albums are completely analog, I can’t really say from listening to Abstrakter Wald if it is or not. I’m thinking it is.

Nevertheless, Moloch creates a dimly-lit dungeon soundscape with an appropriate number of layers on top of repetitive low key sounds; not over-the-top symphonic… just enough to maintain the authentic dungeon atmosphere.  Haunting and mesmerizing….at times melancholic and providing a feeling of nostalgia….. just like good dungeon synth should be.

Head over to Metallic Media and check out all the cool stuff they’ve released.


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