Exterminas – “Dichotomy” Album Review

Exterminas – Dichotomy

Do you remember the magic of the early Century Media Records albums; Unleashed, Morgoth, Asphyx etc.; those trademark riffs, production and vocals?  Italy’s Exterminas is responsible for today’s trip back to those days with their 2015 album, Dichotomy released in tandem through Metallic Media and Sathanas Records.

Let us say that there are days when you want to hear something new, challenging or even adventurous (such as if you are into the “math metal” thing).  Then there are days when you want to return to a sound that you can count on. Those days are the ones in which you can know that it’s maybe a newer band but one that is keeping particular moments in music history alive.

I classify Exterminas in the latter.  Does the above description mean they are boring?  No, absolutely not.  It’s a sound that is reliable.  You could consider it somewhat of an “era tribute band” I suppose.  That’s the best way to describe it.   Thanks to Metallic Media and Sathanas, that sound is being kept alive with Exterminas as well as a number of other artists.

If  you grew up in the early Century Media days, you already know what I’m talking about.  If, however you did not, this is just straight-ahead, no holds barred blackened death metal.  It is what it is…take it or leave it.  Period.   There are plenty of blast beats, slow parts in between, low growls and such.  There is, however some unusual chord progressions but again, it works.

Ltd. to 300 copies.  Includes an 8 page booklet.





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