Lugubris – “Sorciere” Album Review

Sorciere – Lugubris

Today’s selection comes as a result of the kindness of the Asgard-Hass label.  Here we have the one-man Swiss band, Lugubris.

I’m not entirely sure how Lugubris manages to produce a sound similar to a band playing all together in the studio, but yet he does.  It sounds that pure and organic.

Anyway… plenty here for the black metal purists, tons of blast beats with slow-mid tempo changes, high-pitch drawn-out screams and a guitar tone equivalent to the peeling of a scab off a third-degree burned skin.  Occasionally moments appear from traditional old-school thrash and heavy metal.  However, for the most part, it’s straight in-your-face blackened fury.  I’ll also note that the production is just good enough to still sound raw and pure to the black metal enthusiasts but still makes the recording very listenable.

This is great work from this one-man wrecking machine, clearly skilled on both guitar and drums.  Sorciere is available now from Asgard-Hass; a fantastic label that puts out a ton of great and quality art.  But Sorciere in particular is a reminder that some things are meant to stay pure and kept alive when so many seem to be going into a “third wave” filled with shoe gaze elements.  Typically I would pick out a track or two that stand out.  But they’re all good here.


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