Lousberg “Wintergemalde” ltd. tape Review

Wintergemalde – Lousberg (Germany)

The term “dungeon synth” implies this image of a guy enclosed in four walls writing music by candlelight or oil lamps.

Then what do we call dungeon synth style music that transcends the subterranean and allows us the soundtrack to imagination of blending with the seasons around us?  This is Lousberg.

With Wintergemalde (Winterportrait), Lousberg presents a sonic landscape that evokes images of a solitary walk in the blowing snow, limited visibility and no end in sight, but yet a peaceful walk and a sense of “home away from home.”  That solitary walk is the work of JanuZ.  While Lousberg is still very much underground, JanuZ in fact was the founder of the black metal band EgoNoir.

Dunkelheit’s statement is “negative and somber music art.”  Yes, in some cases. However, Wintergemalde is a piece that is an example or crawling out of the dungeon and feeling alive-at one with nature and the endless open sky.  This is meditative, dark-ambient out-of-the-dungeon synth.

Wintergemalde will be released digitally and on a white cassette, silver print (Limited to 100) by Dunkelheit Productions, a label who thankfully is preserving the lost art of the cassette tape.  Release date is April 17, 2017.

Track List

  1. Gemalde I
  2. Gemalde II



Here is an older piece from Lousberg, that will give you some idea of their sound:


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