Arditi – “Imposing Elitism” Album Review

Imposing Elitism – Arditi

For the moment we’re going back in time only 2 years to 2015 for a an album of martial dark ambiance and sonic imagery of the days of old.  Here we have Imposing Elitism by the mighty Arditi.  Arditi is the work of Henry Moller (from Puissance and Leidungr) and Marten Mjorkman (from Algaion and Octinomos).

Incorporated in the mix at different levels in different points in the music is what appears to be spoken word monologue. This adds to the dynamic of the atmosphere by creating an image of either a leader proving instruction to his troops or narration to a story in which you are a part of.  Vocals are provided by P. Stahl and text by A. Papapetrou.

With typical martial/industrial music, the imagery is often one dimensional; that is, a marching in battle.  It’s as simple as that.  This is what separates Arditi apart from the masses.  Imposing Elitism is simply one of the better martial albums that is mixed with dark ambiance which I have heard in quite a while; not overly bleak and yet not overly military-like.  The song separation brings a feeling of different chapters in a book; soundtrack chapters which effectively yields resulting image of a pre-battle march & contemplation or one between battles.

Arditi has an extensive discography dating back to 15 years.  For those unfamiliar with Arditi’s unique work, this might be a very good place to start, especially if you are into martial, neofolk and dark ambient art.  Great album by a band with a significant history.

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