Frankenoise/Bride of Frankenoise – Various Artists Album Reviews (Name Your Own Price)









Ok here we go back into the arena of noise for a double review of releases from Sudden Moment Recordings.  Before we go any further, know that both of these releases are Name Your Own Price at Bandcamp.  However, should you go to the link and check some of the tracks out, you likely will feel compelled to toss in a couple dollars or more for the quality of the work (and quantity).

Don’t let the release titles scare you away if you are not a fan of noise or power electronics.  Sure, there is some of that included.  However, these are perhaps two of the more diverse noise, experimental, electronic compilations I have seen in a very long time.

Frankenoise contains a whopping 28 tracks while Bride of Frankenoise contains 17.   Here’s the story behind them.  On Frankenoise each artist was asked to include one or more public domain audio samples (from movies, songs or speeches etc) and somehow put it into their work.  With Bride of Frankenoise, each artist created a track based upon a female lead character in any horror film of their choosing.

The styles on these releases vary from harsh noise (aka power electronics), ambient, drone, glitch, trip hop…the list goes on; very eclectic and of course, ridiculously inexpensive being Name Your Own Price.  Very dynamic from the delicate to the brutal, minimalist to maximum harshness, structured to improvisational, gut pounding to ear piercing…. You get the point.

Standout artists/songs: Every one of them.  The artists come from across the globe including Indonesia, India, Brazil, Europe and North America.  They are all really unique.  These are two really great introductions for those even remotely curious about noise/power electronics/experimental etc. electronic music.  I encourage you to check these out in addition to the other great work that Sudden Moment Recordings has available.  Toss them a few dollars out of respect.  This is a label that puts a lot of care into its work and deserves far more attention.

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