Absolute Hell – “Remembrance” ep digital Review

Absolute Hell – Remembrance 

For whatever reason, I’ve always been a huge fan of extremes, dynamics and dichotomies when it comes to music and art in general.  So when I came across Absolute Hell and their digital ep Remembrance  with its monochrome red artwork, I was intrigued.  Its note of “dedication to those who’ve lost their close ones to Alzheimer’s” had me further interested.

Anytime a noise artist offers a dedication or states that their album is about a certain theme or topic, it always brings the interesting point; how one illustrates the visual or philosophical through the creation of power electronics/noise art.  Perhaps it is merely subjective to the artist.  Nevertheless…

Remembrance  is virtually mind-altering with the way the frequencies are mixed together.  Take track 2 for example; the harsh wind of noise atop the constant drawn-out combination of notes.  Give it a listen.  Don’t just take my word for it.  The only other artist that I’ve known to do something similar is the minimalist composer Charlamange Palestine.

According to the artist, all sounds were created using an oscillator, guitar, a multi-fx and mixer.  Backing up for a second, track 1 begins with a guttural rumbling followed by a low-frequency wall of semi-harsh noise.

Track 3 is a slow pace seemingly ever-descending trip of noise that ends with a virtually inaudible but effectively mixed voice sample.

At the end of the day, these are three different untitled tracks that show a pretty wide display of noise qualities; all of this from an artist that deserves more attention. Moreover, all of the material on Absolute Hell’s bandcamp is Name Your Own Price.  So, you have no excuse to not check it out.  I would encourage you to toss in a little support, however.

Noise artists always have a challenge of illustrating something abstract with sound, even something visual.  That is, unless they use sampled recordings.  Let’s say for a moment that this album was created to illustrate different aspects of Alzheimer’s.  If you consider the discomfort, the mind-altering, the “descent” into dementia (ref. to track 3), then this release is pretty successful.






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