GX Jupitter-Larsen-A Week of Kindness-Richard Ramirez – “Acognitive Culture”

4ibAn abandoned 24 hour factory haunted by the sounds and ghosts from long ago; the constant running of machines, the distant percussive strikes, the movement of mechanical parts that no longer exist?  This is track 1&2; a ghostly black ambient death industrial soundscape created by GX-Jupitter-Larsen, A Week of Kindness & Richard Ramirez-3 seasoned veterans of the US power electronics scene.

Track 3 contains a similar but perhaps more active soundscape with the addition of a high-pitched consistent noise over the top of most of the track.  At track 4, we have a louder death industrial piece yet maintaining the black-ambient backdrop.  Track 5 is perhaps the most disturbing and unsettling.  Again we have a black ambient soundscape but with the addition of a half-buried mix of ghostly voice samples, the high-pitch noise further buried.

Acognitive Culture is a slow, vacuous descent into a clandestine factory filled with persistent drones, death industrial nuances and a serious apparition-like presence.  It presents itself almost as a partially natural/partially supernatural subterranean industrial field recording. (Was that enough adjectives for you?)  Moreover, it’s recordings like this that remind us we are less concerned about the tools of the trade and more interested in the atmosphere presented.

While some albums with multiple listed participants are simply compilations, this album is a complete collaborative effort.  Furthermore, anyone who knows anything about the work of these three artists, already expects this release to be a unique and destructive.

I’ve always found that pictures of abandoned factories, malls and amusement parks are some of the most unsettling of images.  If those are the kinds of things that this collaboration is attempting to illustrate with sound, it’s done very effectively.  Acognitive Culture is a bleak, apocalyptic sounding, soundscape painting.  Excellent stuff!

Acognitive Culture is limited to only 200 copies in digipak version.



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