German Army – “Burushaski” tape ep Review

Burushaski  (2013)- German Army

By now you’ve figured out that this blog is not solely focused on new releases.  The main focus of course is finding releases, artists and labels at the fringe edges of art who we feel deserve to be heard, period.  Such is the case again here with the inclusion of the “Burushaski” tape from German Army.  While this is not their latest release, it’s the first of theirs I’ve heard.  From time to time I like to post with the mindset of someone discovering an artist for the first time.

Burushaski was released in 2013 on the Belaten label.  Although German Army’s discography only dates back to 2011, they have already accumulated a sizable discography.

Now, with a name like Germany Army, one might conjure up this idea of an ultra euro-nationalist neofolk/martial industrial band.  However, this is not the case.

What we have here is one of those cases where the artist is not easily put into a box. Good!

German Army is one of those rare cases where an artist manages using a seemingly simple equipment setup but yet creates these complex, even avant garde structures. What we’re hearing includes electronic percussion often in irregular beats along with a combination of what sounds like field recordings, sound samples and various keyboard instruments, blips and strikes.  These pieces are mostly instrumental with voice samples being the only human words and sometimes played backwards.  Occasionally one hears what appears to be a heavily effect-laden male vocal, however.

The bottom line is that German Army is one of those cases where the listener is enveloped into the recording knowing that they will hear something new each time the tape goes on.

Don’t think you are going to get a Depeche Mode rip-off with traditional 4/4 timing. German Army is way beyond that, at least for most of this release.  This is a part electronic, part organic sounding purely original release.

I’m not sure if any cassettes remain.  However, Burushaski is available for digital download via Belaten’s bandcamp site for a mere 3 euros.  Go show Germany Army and Belaten some respect for being true originals.

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