“Oriental Abyss” 5-Way Split Album Review – black metal from Japan

Oriental Abyss – black metal from Japan

Now we are going to take a trip to the far east; Japan to be exact, for a detour back into black metal for the moment.  Yes, Japan very much has some black metal exports thanks to labels such Zero Dimensional (and Weird Truth Productions, to their credit).  This release came out in 2010 but is worthy of mentioning for reasons I state below.

When it comes to black metal, Japan is too often overlooked as are other Asian countries.  This of course is due to the overwhelming focus on Scandinavian bands.

Oriental Abyss is a 5-way split album featuring all Japanese bands.  So, it’s an excellent introduction for someone interested in black metal artists from somewhere other than Europe.  Furthermore, the varying individual styles will appeal to those who prefer either polished or very raw production and in between.

Bands included are: Apparition (3 tracks), Aek Gwi (3 tracks), Fenrisulf (3 tracks), Juno Bloodlust (2 tracks) and Svar Fra Hedensk (2 tracks).  For those interested but apprehensive, Juno Bloodlust is a bit like Dimmu Borgir or Emperor.  The other artists have somewhat of the rawness and primitive sound similar to early Mayhem or Darkthrone demos.

Released in 2010 (and copies are still available), but all in all it’s a good release for those curious about what the far East has to offer for black metal.





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