Noise Cluster – “Planet of the Lost Dolls” Ltd. Tape Review

Planet of the Lost Dolls – Noise Cluster

Planet of the Living Dolls is the latest release by Noise Cluster on Luce Sia Records.  The duo is comprised of Flavio Derbekannte and Arianna Degni Lombardo.  This is a concept release for which the band notes:

“was inspired by the story of Don Julian Santana Barrera and the Island of the Dolls in Mexico.  It is said that a girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances many years ago on this island and that her doll is possessed by her spirit and still moves its head and arms and even opens its eyes.”  They further note, “We re-imagined the story on a remote planet where a man took a girl to save her from a hellish life on Earth.  Sadly, the girl dies in an accident leaving nothing but her doll behind, which is ideally found by earthlings that followed them in pursuit.”

The music serves as a simply perfect soundtrack to Noise Cluster’s adaptation to the story, even with the space element to it.  The band says, “the music as well as the lyrics actually tell the story that we made up…hope, dismay, fear, anguish are all moods that we tried to make the listener feel by means of our songs.”

The synth sounds appear to be both analog and digital.  Musically, the tracks are pretty diverse but are generally speaking, a combination of dark ambient soundscapes along with spoken vocals, sampled Italian and English voices as well as sampled doll voices which the band says, “can be real creepy at times.”  Indeed they are and serve as such an effective way to supplement the story.

There are some low-end synth based pieces dark ambient pieces with minimal percussion and industrial strikes perhaps some organically used noises.  But each piece has its moments of density and delicacy and as I mentioned, incorporate a bit of different styles.  Perfectly mixed with effects and usage of left and right channels, thus putting the listener into a feeling of being in front of the story; at least visualizing it in a dream sequence.

Musically and lyrically, Noise Cluster takes you to the remote planet and the seaside on the island where the girl mysteriously drowned.

This is an absolutely fantastic release that is available both on a limited edition cassette   (60 copies) and on digital download via Bandcamp.

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