Gopota – “Music for Primitive” Album Review

Music for Primitive – Gopota

It’s often a challenge, albeit a welcome one when I receive something that is difficult to put into a proverbial “box.”  Moreover, it’s always great to see an artist stretching limits of style.

In this case, we have the Italian/Russian project, Gopota with the Music for Primitive release on Luce Sia; an album of tracks between 11 and 15 minutes in length with the exception of the Intro.

Gopota presents a predominantly dark ambient soundscape but breaks up the atmosphere with each track in moments of minimal static/noise or in the case of track 2, “Meaningless,” distorted ghostly sounds, faint high-pitch noises and hits.  In track 4, “Attitude” we hear a haunting organ sound, whispers and noises. In track 3, “Summa Liturgica,” even beautiful choral sounds are mixed and manipulated into a grim and unsettling atmosphere.  Such choral and organ sounds traditionally found in a church are in this case, sent straight to the abyss.

Ultimately, Music for Primitive brings to mind images of apparitions travelling through colonnades and doors, abandoned urban factories and subterranean caverns where the unspeakable dwell.

All in all, Gopota defies genre tradition mixing dark ambient, death industrial and noise which ends up making for a pretty interesting listen; perhaps one that challenges old Cold Meat Industry artists like Ildfrost and Raison D’etre.

A noise fan could listen all day to dynamics (i.e abrasive vs. delicate, static vs. fluctuation etc.)  A dark ambient fan could listen for the likes of subterranean drones.  Yet it’s nice to know there are artists who blend those two, and more to help stretch the boundaries, push “envelopes” and create their own voices.

Music for Primitive is a slow, perpetual sonic descent.  It will be very interesting to see to what cavern, factory or dungeon Gopota takes us to next.

Music for Primitive was released in a ltd. edition tape (60 copies sold out) and strictly ltd. CD.  It is also available for digital download via bandcamp.

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