Pathology – S/T “Pathology” Album Review

Pathology – 2017

The plan for Noise Beneath the Snow didn’t include a trip far into brutal death metal.  But when I learned of Pathology’s new self-titled release due in July, as a fan I couldn’t help myself in this case.

Pathology is the San Diego trio’s return to Comatose Music….July 21 to be exact.

Pathology is predominantly a combination of slow to mid-paced choppy guitar riffs over the double bass drum pounding with the occasional breakdown.  This album indeed is chock full of different riffs without being overdone or crossing the line into “math metal.”  But they keep getting better with each album.  Then you have the guttural vocals of Matti Way which resemble the voice of a stuck pig.  Perhaps the best example of that is track 1. “Lamentation” where we have a fair amount of vocal layering.  The bottom line is that Pathology technical and very skillful without being over-done.

You don’t have to over-complicate the music or over-produce the mix to make things sound great. Pathology still does it the old way….grim and crushing.  So why a self-titled album nine albums and two singles deep into their career?  By now, you should know that Pathology has solidified themselves as one of the best at what they do – brutal death metal. They are Pathology…simple track and album titles.  You get what you pay for and expect. Period…end of story…no other album title needed.  It’s reflective of who they’ve established themselves as.  There’s really no other reason to say more… other than “great bloody album.”

Pathology is, yet again another example of why the band keeps making albums; they are one of the best at what they do.

Pathology is due July 21 on Comatose Music


Pathology – death metal from San Diego
  1. Lamentation
  2. Dolorous
  3. Litany
  4. Servitors
  5. Dissevered
  6. Putrescent
  7. Doth
  8. Shudder
  9. Opprobrium
  10. Vermilion

Digital and CD pre-orders available here:

Package deals (which will include a shirt, poster and sticker) will go up in about 3-4 weeks at:

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