Wednesday 13 – “Condolences” Album Review

Wednesday 13 - Condolences - Artwork
Wednesday 13 – Condolences

June 2 sees the return of horror-punk hearse driver Wednesday 13 on his new label, Nuclear Blast.  New life is breathed into our resident representative of the undead with his latest release, Condolences.

All the essential Wednesday elements are still intact; songs about grave robbing, stalking, the devil… all the things we have come to love about Wednesday 13 since his time in Maniac Spider Trash, Frankenstein Drag Queens & Murderdolls.  The trademark catchy songs, chunky heavy riffs; “Lonesome Road To Hell,” for example and consistent double kick drum, the creepy intro; “Last Rites”…..  It’s all still there.  So don’t think that Wednesday has lost his way off the left-hand path because he’s on a stronger label now.


Long gone are the tongue and cheek silly song titles (i.e. Love at First Fright, Morgue Than Words) etc.  Welcome the new Wednesday, dare I say a more mature but far more dark and sinister both aesthetically and sonically, albeit not taking himself too seriously. We also see a multi-layered synth-based instrumental track “Eulogy XIII” which reeks of imminent doom as in an 80s slasher film (i.e. Chopping Mall or Pumpkinhead).

Consider his early discography a cult classic B-move and Condolences a big screen thriller playing in select theaters but still maintaining the integrity of underground cinema.

Condolences is much stronger, heavier and darker than Wednesday 13 has been previous to this album. Take “Good Riddance” for example or the slower and sludgy title track, “Condolences.”  Moreover, Nuclear Blast has finally given Wednesday 13 the production that his music deserved a long time ago.  What more needs to be said?  This is Wednesday at his darkest and best.

Welcome back, Wednesday.
Oh… and to those who miss this album… “Sorry for your loss.”


Wednesday 13
  1. Last Rites
  2. What The Night Brings
  3. Cadaverous
  4. Blood Sick
  5. Good Riddance
  6. You Breathe, I Kill
  7. Omen Amen
  8. Cruel To You
  9. Eulogy XIII
  10. Prey For Me
  11. Lonesome Road To Hell
  12. Condolences
  13. Death Infinity

Condolences will be available in the following formats: digipak CD, black vinyl 2LP (June 9 release), grey/black vinyl 2LP (June 2), oxblood/black vinyl 2LP (June 2) as well as CD+shirt packages.  Shop directly with Nuclear Blast at the link located below.  Tour dates including VIP meet&greet packages are available via Wednesday’s official page.

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