Leaether Strip – “AEDM; My Depeche Mode Covers” Album Review

Leaether Strip – AEDM – My Depeche Mode Covers

Once again the ever-prolific Claus Larsen (aka Leaether Strip/Klutae) returns.  This time with a collection exclusively of Depeche Mode Covers called AEDM.  The tracks on this collection have either been previously released via Leaether Strip’s bandcamp or are otherwise previously unreleased.

For the most part, don’t expect the most commercially popular Depeche Mode tracks (the likes of People Are People, Never Let Me Down Again etc.). Perhaps the most known of tracks on this album is “Blasphemous Rumours” which is a personal favorite of yours truly as well as “Black Celebration.”

Check out Leaether Strip’s bandcamp for some of the previously released DM singles.  Often they’ve included remixes or instrumentals for those of you who might be interested.  There is also a Dave Gahan cover of “Bottle Living.”

As is with all of Leaether Strip’s covers, the original versions are treated with the utmost respect.  Yet they are here marked with Leaether Strip’s trademark sonic stamp blending a combination of ebm and synthpop.

Once again, Leaether Strip doesn’t disappoint.  Perhaps I’m biased due to the fact that this is my all-time favorite musical artist.  But it’s nice to know that an artist who dumps so much time, energy and emotion into his main projects also takes time to think of those who influenced him to begin with.  Check this album out and do some history with Claus’s massive discography – including his side-project Klutae.

So what else needs to be said?  This is a great opportunity for Depeche Mode fans to check out a cover album with some lesser-known tracks and a great opportunity to be introduced to one of the most prolific artists in ebm music history.

Fortunately, for us fans, Leaether Strip shows no signs of slowing down.  The world of electronic music is a better place because of this man.


Claus Larsen – Vegger, Denmark


  1. Rush
  2. Where’s The Revolution
  3. Black Celebration
  4. No More (This is the Last Time)
  5. If you Want
  6. Nothing’s Impossible
  7. In Your Memory
  8. No Disco
  9. Fools
  10. Blasphemous Rumors
  11. Lie To Me
  12. Heaven
  13. New Dress



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