Marzi Montazeri ft. Tim “Ripper” Owens – “The Uprising” LP edition Album Review

The Uprising – Marzi Montazeri

NOTE:  This is a renewal of a previous post and is intended to promote the new vinyl edition of The Uprising.

Hold the press!  The plan was to cover some dark ambiance until I saw the words “Tim Ripper Owens” in my Inbox.  I’ve been a fan since the ridiculously underrated Judas Priest “Jugulator” days.

I’ll be blunt…I’d never heard of Marzi Montazeri prior to this listen.  Hailing from Houston, Texas, he was a member of Superjoint Ritual in the mid ’90s and in 2010 worked with Phil Anselmo on his “Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals project.

But I was immediately impressed with the song structure and level of guitar playing skill.  The solos are just plain out of this world.  Every one of the songs on this release display a really high level of technical ability yet without being over the top.   Furthermore, Tim “Ripper” Owens hasn’t lost it a bit.  Again he uses every bit of his range from top to bottom.

There is not ONE single bad second on this album.  None. Period.  This is why I’m not going into detail of every single track.   This is straight ahead heavy metal and of the highest quality; in fact, a quality that should be returned to by all of these math metal maniacs; a great mix of fast & slow parts, break-downs and crazy solos. The production and mixing are fantastic as well.  The Uprising was recorded at Matheme Studios by Kevin Matheme in Houston, Texas then mixed/mastered by Chris Collier in LA, California.

Long time fans of Marzi Montazeri and Tim Ripper Owens are sure to love every minute of this, especially if you liked Tim’s Beyond Fear project.  But those residents living under rocks, do yourselves a favor and check this out.  Go support Marzi and his label.  Metal like this doesn’t come around but every so often.

Marzi Montazeri – Houston, TX

The Uprising is available on CD, digital and vinyl.

  1. 11
  2. Monster Within
  3. The Uprising
  4. Without Warning
  5. Who Is Alive
  6. Viento Del Espiritu

For the vinyl edition:

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