The New Blockaders/Vortex Campaign/Coil – “The Melancholy Mad Tenant” Album review

The Melancholy Mad Tenant – New Blockaders, Vortex Campaign & Coil   –   1984

Time for another time travel; this time a bit of a dual trip – one of much longer duration than the other, theoretically anyhow.

In 2016, Infinite Fog Productions released a recording that has since grown to virtual legendary/cult status in the underground noise/industrial circuits.  The Melancholy Mad Tenant is the product of an collaborative invitation by Vortex Campaign for Coil and The New Blockaders.

From Bandcamp, “The tracks have been professionally re-mastered and in addition to the COIL/THE NEW BLOCKADERS/VORTEX CAMPAIGN collaboration it also contains the entire VC archive, including two previously unreleased tracks.”

The result is a historical document of primitive industrial and noise experimentation. Finally, Infinite Fog has provided this important recording with a proper release in the following formats – Ltd. wooden box set (ONLY 3 remain at the time of this writing), Ltd. edition CD, 2xLP Gatefold and of course, digital download.

This is the beginning of true industrial and true noise; one of the most raw and primitive recordings of these genres and a microcosm of the origins of so many different elements from which today’s artists draw from……different organic and rhythmic noise loops, black ambiance, death industrial backdrops, organic noise thuds, harsh noise barrages, mind-bending noise waves.  Any of the given tracks contain some of the above.

While not quite as terrifying as the Zos Kia/Coil release, this album is really almost too much for the brain to handle at once; some new piece of history to be heard each time the recording is played.  Grab one of the remaining limited copies while you can.


  1. Untitled Collaboration
  2. Untitled Collaboration 2 – Part I
  3. Untitled Collaboration 2 – Part II
  4. Untitled
  5. The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 1
  6. The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 2

Please note that the Youtube video maintains the audio from a 2005 edition from Black Rose Recordings.

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