Togoland – “Harsh Noise” Ltd. CD-r Album Review

Harsh Noise – Togoland

Harsh Noise Movement is one of the most prolific and active labels in the underground noise scene.

What we have here is their offering of Togoland’s VERY limited (30 copies) aptly titled “Harsh Noise” CD-r; six tracks of pretty brutal harsh manipulation yet with slight hints of diversity amidst the auditory devastation.

Togoland is the project of Maksym LaRouche from South Orange, New Jersey and draws upon the influence of such artists as Hijokaidan, Les Rallizes Denudes, Incapacitants and Whitehouse.

Track 1, “Japan Stairwell” is straight up mid and low-range harsh disruption.  Track 2, “Harsh Noise” is a more mid-high ear jarring barrage.  Track 3 “Away on Business”‘s basis appears to be a disruptive ambient, death industrial background with manipulated disruptive harsh noise blotches on top.  It’s almost in this case as if the combination of noises create voices themselves that appear out of the depths of this short, guttural hell.  Track 4, “Chain” begins with a somewhat depressed sounding female voice which becomes more difficult to hear as the harsh noise begins…then blends in with the dynamics of the noise.  Track 5, “Fear of Rain” is basically a barrage of low gut-wrenching range and then mid-range harsh noise.  Track 6, “Open invitation of Hijokaidan”….. holy @#$*; an ear-jarring all-out aural assault.  Everything comes to a head with this multi-layered low-mid-high frequency piece.

Everything a noise fan asks for is here, especially if you like buying one release that doesn’t sound exactly the same all the way through.  The disc is limited to 30 copies.  So let’s help Togoland and Harsh Noise Movement sell this one out and force them to print another.  The digital download is also available at the links below.

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