Jimmy Vermin – “Anti-Symphony No. 1” Album review

Anti-Symphony #1 – Jimmy Vermin

Remember those visual images where, if you stare at them long enough you start to see the 3-D images?

Consider a noise piece like what we have here to perhaps be the sonic equivalent.  One of two things (ironic considering what I’m about to say) is going on here.  Either 1.) Mr. Vermin has mixed an obnoxious amount of instruments and sounds to create one of the more violent barrages of harsh noise I’ve heard in a while or alternatively, 2.) he’s using minimal noises that when put together, trick the brain into hearing something not there in and of its singular self.  Either way,  this is one of two pieces that I’ve heard recently which are the more violent harsh noise/power electronics releases I have heard in a while.  The other one is  by Ahlzagailzehguh which we will cover later.

In this case, Anti-Symphony #1, the actual layering and mixing yields the ears to hear sounds, real or unintentional) buried deep within.  This is one long piece at just over 38 minutes.  If you can make it through the whole thing in one shot, I guarantee your brain will never be the same.  Another point… you also have to wonder with these types of releases how much the actual recording process or mixing have an effect on what enters our ears and brain. It’s one of those dynamics in noise music (or anti-music) that exists but perhaps don’t consider within the normal reasons for listening to harsh noise.

Another harsh noise, or in this case a self-described “anti-music” piece of the finest.  It’s a free download but please support these artists who actually do this because it’s what they like to do and a part of who they are.


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