Ahlzagailzehguh – “Trashed” tape review

Ahlzagailzehguh – Trashed

Ten years ago, Chondritic Sound released this harsh noise tape on a 3″ CD-R.  Here we have the reissue by Skeleton Dust Records on a proper cassette release.

From Skeleton Dust… “Trashed” still proves to be a defining moment in the mid-2000s explosion of American harsh noise.” 

Harsh…  that’s putting it lightly.  This is definitely one of the more abrasive, disruptive harsh noise releases we’ve seen in quite a while.  It’s great that Skeleton Dust have reissued it.

“Trashed” is not simply a harsh wall of noise.  This is a relentless, chopped, skewered, smashed and pounded into form piece of work.  Consider it a sonic head cheese.

Disruptive and abrasive.

Indeed this is a great noise release for all the reasons we’ve come to listen to this material; high & low frequencies, abrasive and unpredictable moments, glitches, blips and manipulated sounds that redefine what they are supposed to sound like.  This is a fast tornado of the furious kind.

Trashed is limited to 100 copies so check Skeleton Dust for availability.

Side A: Trashed
Side B: Trashed Again


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