“Frankenoise Conquers the World” – V/A Album Review & a small note about noise

Various Artists – Frankenoise Conquers the World

Previously we did a review on the first two albums in the “Frankenoise” series from Sudden Moment Recordings.  Now we have the third and final installment; Frankenoise Conquers the World. 

From Bandcamp; “Part 3, and the final chapter in the Frankenoise series.  Artists were asked to create a track inspired by their favorite character in any Frankenstein film.

Here we have 21 artists contributing tracks; artists of varying styles of experimental electronic music – from the delicate (with the ironically named Mean Flow “Elizabeth Lavenza”) to the soundscape of Mario Lino Stancati’s “Blasphemous Laboratory” to the brutal harsh noise of Himiko and the track “The Creature.”  If you have ever been on the proverbial fence about noise/power electronics/experimental electronic music, start with a release like this.  Some of these underground artists deserve to be heard just as much as legends like Merzbow, Sutcliffe Jugend or anything by Richard Ramirez.

One more thing of note; What’s interesting about lyric-less noise releases like the Frankenoise series is that the artist’s inspiration might not yield to the listener the image as interpreted by the artist.  But that’s part of the magic of listening to noise/power electronics.  It’s an all too often over-looked idea.  I’ve argued that noise fans listen for things such as dynamics, high/low frequencies, abrasive vs. delicate, layers, volumes, basically more abstract reasons than most forms of music – or in this case anti-music. There are quite a number of noise albums that are “concept” albums.  So, while we may not see the same images as artists such as these herein, it’s pretty interesting to hear an interpretation of a character that is not made obvious by the pollution of lyrics.

Nevertheless…  This is a fantastic collection – just like the first two in the series with a wide array of experimental/noise artists covering pretty much every dynamic you could think of; a great place to start or to step outside the box and hear some underground artists.


  1. Bullshit Market – “Septimus Pretorius”
  2. Dendera Bloodbath – “The Modern Prometheus”
  3. d.igital – “Frankenstein’s Lament”
  4. Donald Mauls – “Mad Scientist Experiments”
  5. Foltergeist – “Ernest, the Last Survivor”
  6. Himiko – “The Creature”
  7. I corpi Presentano Tracce Di Violenza Carnale – “Victor Frankenstein”
  8. I, Eternal – “Lettre a VICTOR F”
  9. IVI – “The Gentle Manners of These People, ‘re Villagers”
  10. La Flore Intestinale – “Frankenhooker”
  11. L’eclipse Nue – “Maria of the Lake”
  12. Mario Lino Stancati – “The Blasphemous Laboratory”
  13. Mean Flow – “Elizabeth Lavenza”
  14. Mystified – “Doctor Frankenstein”
  15. No-Joy – “Robert Walton”
  16. Patrick Spurlock – “The Creature Adrift”
  17. Process – “Otto, the Loyal”
  18. RAUPPWAR – “Lily Frankenstein”
  19. SkruntSkrunt – “Krempe”
  20. Uhyeah! – “Captain Walton the Savior”
  21. Stephan Sereda – “Victor, Can I Call You Daddy”

Frankenoise Conquers the World is limited to 50 CD copies but is also available as a digital download.


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