Blasterkorps – “Nos Annees Mortes” CD Album Review

Nos Annees Mortes – Blasterkorps

Today’s selection comes to us from one of my new favorite labels, Infinite Fog Productions.  IFP is further proof that limiting reviews to new releases doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially in the genres we deal with.

So here we have Nos Annees Mortes by Blasterkorps, otherwise known as the minds of Geoffroy D.  and Leonce B.

This collection, released in 2015 presents the complete anthology of Blasterkorps; 25 tracks in all (nearly 100 minutes of music) in a 2CD edition.  Most of the songs aren’t long which is great for those with short attention spans or who simply detest pointlessly long tracks.

The music is predominantly minimal analog synth beats mixed with a bit of electro/industrial.  Often the sound is reminiscent if you took a Goldfrapp CD and sped it up to a pace where it wasn’t boring.  However, each and every single track on this release sound different from the next.  Most of the time, the minimal synth is guided with hints of distortion or very minimal noise.  This in effect unites the pieces as a whole.  Off and on you’ll also hear glitches and blips amidst the background.

Occasionally the harsh effect-laden vocals of Geoffroy D. appear, in some cases more than others.  Rather than focusing on lyrics, the virtually indiscernible words take a back seat to the actual effect of the vocals.  In a way, they add another dimension to the noise element of the collection.

In some instances, real industrial sounds appear prominent against a minimal synth backdrop (as in the case of track 15, “Un Seul Homme.”  It’s as if the ghost of an angry worker appears in an abandoned factory.  In track 16, “Le Jeu de la Justice” we find that the vocals take a front-seat place instead of the industrial sounds.

One more thing of note; while the distortion/noise effect is mostly just that…an effect, it seems that rhythms are created not from the synths but from looping the noises themselves.  While this may not entirely be 100% accurate, it would not surprise me given the talent this band shows.

The best way to describe this album is unity in diversity.  The artists very successfully take a limited amount of instruments and sounds and turn them into an album of different compositions guided by similar effects.  At least that’s the “nutshell” version.

Nos Annees Mortes is available on CD as well as digital download.  Go support Infinite Fog.  It’s a fantastic label.


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