Whyte Hand – “CS003, CS002, CS001” single(s) Review (drone/soundscape)

CS003, CS002, CS001 – Whyte Hand

It’s great when an artist presents their work in such a way that they allow it to speak for itself without lyrics, pretentious titles or even obnoxious cover art.

(Off the record) – I wanted to cover this before going to the intended review of the day; this, due to its slightly unique presentation.

So today we have drone/ambient artist Whyte Hand.  They have a number of releases with similar presentations but for this post, we are going to focus on the 3 most recent; CS001, CS002, CS003.

These are 3 singles, each maintaining the same digital cover art and obviously similar titles; thus leaving the work to speak for itself.

The work is in the ambient/drone style with each single track in a different tone. Here are another three of those cases where each time, multiple layers of sound seem to create their own sounds during each piece.

If you are into the drone/ambient style, check Whyte Hand out.  I’d love to see Whyte Hand do a full-length release with work such as this.  But then again, these are all “Name Your Own Price” releases so we COULD make our own.  In any case, go support Whyte Hand.  This is quality drone/ambient/soundscape work.

Too many artists focus on a particular “theme” or “image” or “message” that they are attempting to get across.  As noted earlier, it’s refreshing to see an artist just allow the work to have its own voice.


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