God Body Disconnect – “Sleeper’s Fate” Album Review

Sleeper’s Fate – God Body Disconnect

Remember those intense moments in movies during scenes when the characters are silent and the music is the only sound?  These are the moments where the absence of  speech can be louder than words.

Sleeper’s Fate is the latest release by God Body Disconnect.  This is the follow-up to their debut, Dredge Portals on Cryo Chambera label specializing in dark ambient music with a cinematic edge.  Indeed this is a perfect description for the label and Sleeper’s Fate is one of the best examples.

From Cryo Chamber: “God Body Disconnect presents us with the next chapter in his saga of a comatose man banished to the recesses of his tortured mind.  The journey begins taking us back to the fateful night of his sentencing…Here we witness the transformation of a once awakened man turned to sleeping prisoner.”

The male narrative voice is tastefully limited to the beginning of some of the tracks.  The album opens with a police dispatcher followed by a siren.  We also hear background noises such as footsteps, chains, a gunshot, water, rain increasing in severity and nature noises that sound precisely like field recordings.

This album is so perfectly mixed that you actually feel as though you are listening to a digitally mastered film.  Yet the background noises and narration are incorporated so well (mostly in the moments that are more quiet and synths are soft) that it really allows the music to breathe and speak for itself.  Moreover, Sleeper’s Fate opens the listener’s mind and imagination to what might be those moments in films where the characters experience moments of desperation, inspiration or nostalgia.  Thus, the artist and the listener end up sharing a common unity as opposed to an observer’s outside vantage point.

Musically, God Body Disconnect’s strength seems to lie in going from moments where minimal synths slowly develop into multi-layered harmonic parts.  This increases the listener’s sense of listening to a film that is slowly increasing in drama.  Sleeper’s Fate probably reaches it’s most dramatic moments in “Drowning with God.”

What need we say more?  Cryo Chamber is simply putting out the best dark ambient art out there.  It simply has the best to offer since Cold Meat Industry.  God Body Disconnect is no exception to that regard.

Bruce Moallem – God Body Disconnect

Sleeper’s Fate is available in a 6-panel digipak (ltd. 500 copies), as a 2CD bundle with Dredge Portals and as a digital download.


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