Klutae – “Black Piranha” Album Review

Black Piranha – Klutae

Claus Larsen can do no wrong; never has, never will.  I asked him once what Klutae does for him that Leaether Strip does not…

“It lets me goof around with my inner punk and work a lot more spontaneous.  It’s like a playground without supervision.” – CL

So here we have the latest release from Klutae, Black Piranha  on his own label, appropriately called Laebel. 

Right away, I’m taken back to the days of browsing record/CD store shelves (remember those?) and the first time I heard Leaether Strip; having taken a chance because the CDs looked cool.  Fit For Flogging and Solitary Confinement were the first encounters.  In some ways, Black Piranha is very reminiscent of those days of not only Klute, but perhaps even more so, Fit Solitary-era Leaether Strip.  “Romania” is a little bit Legacy of Hate and Lust and a little bit Self-Inflicted.  You have to love the Adam and the Ants “Prince Charming” sample in there as well.  “Belly Up?” Hmmmm maybe about Trump?  It could be considering the “Not my President” sample.

Of course the album very much sounds like present day Claus as well and is better than most of the electro stuff out there.  But if you are already a Leaether Strip or Klutae fan then you already know this.  As I mentioned before… the man can do no wrong.

At the end of the day, Black Piranha is a very solid release.  Regardless of what purpose Klutae serves Claus, you know it’s him and therefore, the best there is out there.  So why write more than necessary, right?

Black Piranha was pressed as 1000 ltd. hand-numbered and signed copies.  At the time of this writing, about 42% have already been sold.  If you miss out, the digital release will be there.  Black Piranha is released on July 8.

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Claus Larsen


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