Falgar – “En La Vanguardia” Album/Tape Review

En La Vanguardia – Falgar

Here we have Falgar; the second part of the surprise provided to us by Lighten Up Sounds out of Minnesota; the first being Wapentake.

Falgar is the project of Etienne Tel’uial, a native of Puerto Rico now residing in Vermont.

Wonderfully produced and mixed.. the vocals are magnificently layered.  The music, acoustic in nature surveys an array of styles yet still maintaining somewhat of a unique neofolk, traditional western appeal.

There are hints of the old world and new, the days of gone by and today…. of looking forward and of reminiscence; the East and the West.  Tracks like “Presagio” yield somewhat of a Dead Can Dance vibe.  In contrast, “Tu Oscuridad” and “Recuerda” are more akin to the styles of ambient dungeon synth.  “Hermano” with its bare percussion and soaring male vocals feels a bit like an acoustic Alcest.  While there are no traces of the traditional black metal roots from which Falgar originated, there are trace hints of the “third wave” of black metal (Alcest, Autumn for Crippled Children etc.).

I asked Etienne about the inspirations for Falgar…   “My music is in Spanish, which is my native tongue. As for inspiration, there are several. One of the heaviest themes in my music is the idea of the woman and her sacred role within society as the transmitter of tradition, blood, etc. The topic of love and romance between man and woman is also another. I like to bring out the “western” in my music as I see that many have forgotten the soul of this. And finally, an appreciation for the old ways of doing things, including minimalism as a way to live ones life in spite of the lies we are told in terms of “needing” things we really don’t need. Yes, it is very romantic music, at odds with an unromantic modern lazy world.

Formerly released only digitally in 2016, En La Vanguardia in its current edition is released with an ambient, almost dungeon synth sounding track, “Recuerda.”

La Vanguardia is limited to 70 copies on cassette.  It’s also available as a digital download with the additional “Recuerda” track.  You’ll notice on the cover of the tape, the woman looking back…perhaps unintentionally symbolic of the nostalgic feel of the music?  In any case, we’re looking forward to Falgar’s next offering.


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