Macronympha, Macromenia, White Walls & Inhibition – 4-way Split Album Review

Macronympha, Macromenia, White Walls & Inhibition 4-way Split

Today’s offering arrives by way of the UK; Reverse Records, a label I have sought to work with for months and a label that takes unprecedented pride in the presentation and artwork of their releases.

We have here a limited edition 4-way split CD with Macronympha w/ side project Macromenia and White Walls w/ side project Inhibition.  From Reverse Records…“extreme industrial noise assaults + dark ambient/death industrial soundscapes.”

Track 1, “In the Gutter” is an all out white noise sonic assault; basically a wall of noise with little low-end (until later in the track) to it and little fluctuation.  Track 2, “Shit for Brains,” begins with with some severe low-end and the disturbing voice sample of a female…then quickly turns into a gurgling low-end frequency dominated piece. The track increases in density and layers until incorporating some extreme high-frequency cut up sonic assault with buried samples, perhaps of the same female.  This is one of those cases where noise artists’ incorporation of samples adds to the disturbing effect…not just their context but upon utilizing effects, actually adding to the frequencies of the sound layers.  The title of this track is appropriate as that is what your brain could very well turn to after listening to it….in a good way, of course.

Track 3, “Internal Motivation” sounds sounds like the nightmare version of a dentist drill and suction and turns into a multi-frequency, cut-up layered violent assault on the ears.  It’s almost as though the ears in this case are violated through the luring of picking out buried sounds in the mix.  Whether intentional or unintentional…for this form of art, that’s a pretty successful tool.  Track 4, “Lost” starts off with a repetitive ultra-low end rumble like a nightmare avalanche played over and over….interspersed is a male vocal sample again adding to the disturbing elements.  Other than a slow increase in depth, the piece is fairly repetitive but effective for the aforementioned reasons.  What starts off disturbing ends on a creepy dark ambient vibe.

Reverse Records, based in the UK creates some fantastic compilations with this one being no exception.  This 4-way split is released in a DVD case/CDr as a limited edition with some great artwork.


  1. Macromenia – In The Gutter
  2. Inhibition – Sh!t for Brains
  3. Macronympha – Internal Motivation
  4. White Walls – Lost

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