Marker “S/T” LP Album Review

Marker – Self-Titled LP

Remember the brilliance of the time between 80s new wave through early 90s alternative (i.e. 4AD artists like Cocteau Twins & Lush)? Do you remember everything great about it?

Two artists have reminded us of just that as of late; the first being Drab Majesty and in this case, today’s offering of Marker’s self-titled LP.

Having such a simple name as Marker could yield both good and bad results.  The good being the simplistic nature and bad being the slight difficulty in finding great artists such as this only by searching the name alone.  But that’s why we’re here.

Marker is the product of New Orleans artist Mike Wilkinson.  From the Medical Records label….“Guitar, bass and Wilkinson’s voice are all treated through a variety of outboard and software effects, gently blurring into one another.”

While the vocals are somewhat buried in the mix leaving the lyrics marginally decipherable, this actually works to the advantage of the artist.  It brings the listener in closer and further immersed in the sonic waves; not simply watching the oil on the water, so to speak.

At the end of the day – a reflective time that this record might have the greatest effect, Marker gives us an album with lush, dense synth textures, echoing guitars and melodies that take unexpected turns and drum beats that echo the likes of early Sisters of Mercy.  While Marker creates a style that is somewhat all his own, it still recalls the magic of the shoe-gaze 4AD era with a small salute to 80s new-wave/synth-pop. Think Lush and Cocteau Twins but with a modern twist.  There are also moments which send the mind back to the likes of The Cure’s B-sides.

At times claustrophobic, at others sonically vast.  This is imagination and immersion both in a nostalgic as well as a forward-looking sense.  Marker is a suspended state of sonic delight.  We certainly look forward to what Marker creates next.  For now, Marker leaves us with a great impression.

Thanks to bands like Drab Majesty and now Marker, we the listeners can place ourselves in moments of nostalgia and gratitude that artists keep these sounds alive.  Surely the vinyl LP release of this great recording will give it an enhanced bit of character.

Marker is available now as a limited edition 180gram black vinyl LP.  It comes with a digital copy of the album as well.

Marker – Mike Wilkinson

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