Asath Reon – “Buried Visions” Album Review

Buried Visions – Asath Reon

Any time I receive a release to review from Russian label, Black Mara, I know that the work is going to be of the highest quality and with the most unique presentation.  Today’s offering is no exception.

What was presented to us today is a really unique and mysterious release by a Slovakian artist of equal mystery….

Buried Visions by Asath Reon

Dark ambient/drone tapestries fill the backdrop of the recording.  Tortured echoes from those souls already fallen slowly rise from the ground in dense sonic planes.  They appear as whispers against the walls at every turn.  Minimal sporadic percussive noises appear now and again as tools for the ceremony.  All of this as deep synths rise, meander and descend delicately.

The 8 tracks on Buried Visions are not seamless and appear like separate chapters in a ritual manual…..each with their own trip through caverns or colonnades.

This album is like a fog-filled field recording from purgatory; a light perpetual journey through the caverns with slow sonic spears appearing and disappearing on each side.  Buried Visions is a soundtrack for souls departed, allowing their voices only the freedom to make themselves known.  Enclosed, claustrophobic spots give way to vast, darkened caverns where witnesses view rituals to those known only by those conducting the ceremony.

Asath Reon is an artist steeped in mystery as Buried Visions echoes.  But perhaps the unknown is better left to be just that…unknown… at least to an extent, anyway. Otherwise, how could we be witness to the wonder?

Buried Visions is a ritual for those lucky enough to be initiated; a real treat of ritual magic.








It should come as no surprise that Black Mara releases this album in a limited edition format that shows an astounding amount of care and pride for this art.

Buried Visions will be available as an exclusive edition with a red leather book (24 pages with hard book binding with CD and themed photos, poems and quotes)…as well as a black wooden pendant on a string.  All hand-made….  Pre-orders are available now.  The album will be available in digital format as well.

Buried Visions will be released August 10.

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