Valvan/Suffocating Respirator Split Album Review

Valvan/Suffocating Respirator split album

From Russian label to Russian label we go.  Drifting back into the realm of harsh noise, we look at a digital only album on the prolific Wall Noise Action; a split release from Valvan and Suffocating Respirator.  One track from each artist with each track clocking in at just over 29 minutes.  I’ll keep this short and to the point…

Suffocating Respirator’s track, “Untitled,” is a blistering, fast-paced harsh wall, relenting for not even a slight second.  Valvan’s track, “Repression,” is more guttural with predominantly low-end frequencies and an otherwise unending series of pops and cracks.  “Repression” sort of reminds me of either 1. a demonic popcorn popper or 2. a heard of 1000 crazy horses.

It really is this simple… If you are into the harsh noise walls and guttural abrasiveness, it doesn’t get much better than Wall Noise Action.

Wall Noise Action is a great net label that maintains a very large number of releases.  As with many of their releases, this one is a “Name Your Own Price.”  However, toss them a few dollars as these artists and their label deserve your respect and support.


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