Cryo Chamber – “Dark Ambient of 2016” free digital album

Dark Ambient of 2016 – Cryo Chamber

I know that I’ve spent a bit of time on more than one occasion hyping up the dark ambient label, Cryo Chamber.  Though a fairly recent addition to my list, I’ve reviewed a couple of their releases and have pending interviews with two of their artists – Flowers for Bodysnatchers and Council of Nine.

Cryo Chamber is by far, one of my favorite labels right now.  “Cinematic Dark Ambient” is their main tag line and everything I’ve heard lives up to that.  Seriously…. it’s the best label for this style since Cold Meat Industry.

So today we have a perfect excuse for you to go check them out… a free digital compilation album.  Dark Ambient of 2016 is a collection of 9 Cryo Chamber artists mixed into one long track clocking in at an hour and six minutes.  The track was mixed by Atrium Carceri.  It wouldn’t hurt you to throw them a couple of dollars as this is a Name Your Own Price release.  Just sayin’….  These are artists whose material is so deep and image provoking that it is at times, overwhelming.

Go check this free digital release out and support this bloody amazing label.


Cryo Chamber dark ambient and drone livestream….

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