Witches of Mailibu – “The Grand Crucifier” Album/Tape Review

The Grand Crucifier – Witches of Malibu

Often some of the best releases are heard as a result of an accidental stumbling.  Such is the case today with the upcoming release by Witches of Malibu, The Grand Crucifier to be released by Dead Media Recordings on or around September 1.

Witches of Mailibu is the warped child of Richard Skott Rusch who also was a member of the experimental/industrial act Hunting Lodge.

Track 1, “Harsh Attack” is just that; a brutal improvisational combination of industrial hits, presses and stomps working in tandem with the occasional sporadic harsh noise barrage.  Imagine a field recording in an old factory with some disgruntled employees messing with the steel presses, blowtorches, saws and other items.  Track 2, “Strike Strikes” begins with a harsh barrage of noise of varying frequencies and some strong feedback looming in the background for good measure. From the gut-wrenching to the ear-piercing… that’s track 2 for you.  Track 3, “The Grand Crucifier” is mostly a gritty predominantly mid-frequency noise wall with just enough low and high end to piss your ears and bowels off.  Track 4, “The Shine Cannon-Hectic Parasite,” begins with a repetitive echoing death industrial style strike followed by a mid-frequency noise wall.  Around the 3 minute mark, we hear what sounds like either distant tortured screams or a possessed dentist drill dipped in reverb.  Mix in some cut-up harsh noise and you have the essence of this track.  Track 5, “Headcounter,” is like an early improvisational demo session by either Laibach or Einsturzende Neubauten…with a bit of harsh noise and feedback tossed in for good measure.

For those noise fans interested in a bit of variety in a release, this is definitely a great find.  It’s as simple as that.

The Grand Crucifier will be limited to 100 transparent purple cassette copies….on or around September 1st.



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