At Dusk/Sacerdos Split Tape Album Review

At Dusk / Sacerdos – Split 2017   Black metal from the USA

Today we give you another offering of Pacific Threnodies…. a split tape from two unique USA black metal acts, At Dusk and Sacerdos.  Each artist has 1 epic track and their own side of the cassette.

Aside from discographies on Encyclopedia Metallum, not a wealth of information about either of these bands is available.  But that aids in maintaining the mystique.  So… let the art speak for itself.  And let these bands give voice to the caverns and colonnades.

At Dusk adheres to more of an old school raw/atmospheric second wave style with their track “Condemned.”  They also infuse a bit of doom with their abyssal black metal screams and return to the second wave trademark of tremolo picking and breakneck pace.

On the other hand, Sacerdos claims more of a slightly polished/modern Cradle of Filth kind of vibe, even dipping their claws delicately into traditional metal waters and dark ambiance with “Hexagonum.”  Sacerdos’s track would serve as a good soundtrack for a rapid train ride through the woods, slowing at the corners and hills.

Sacerdos almost seems to create their own style with the harmonies created by the layering of the guitars.  In fact, there is enough diversity in both of these long tracks that it makes it almost difficult to describe.  Again… it goes back to the fact of letting the work speak for itself.

At Dusk seems to convey more of an atmospheric motivation whereas Sacerdos yields more of an emotionally driven track.  While indeed this is a subjective observation, the point is that each artist is unique and creates their own vibe.

If you like some diversity in your black metal collection (i.e. all your CDs don’t have a guy with a stick of fire in the woods and a pose like he’s just caught a dead bird)  then I invite and encourage you to check this release out as well as the Nan Elmoth cassette from Pacific Threnodies.

At Dusk and Sacerdos both prove that the USA can stand toe-to-toe with Scandinavian and German black metal.

This split tape is limited to 100 copies and will be released on August 29.  Let’s sell it out in the pre-order.  It’s worth the wait.


  1. At Dusk – Condemned 14:57
  2. Sacerdos – Hexagonum  13:36

Please note that the tracks below aren’t parts of this release, obviously.  I’m simply including them so you get an idea of the bands….. and are then motivated to check their new release out.  :o)

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