Paradise Lost – “Medusa” Album Review

Paradise Lost - Medusa - Artwork

September 1 will be the date when Paradise Lost returns to the days of old with their new album, Medusa.

For those of us who have grown up with Paradise Lost since their debut, Lost Paradise, and their second album, Gothic, those two albums hold special places in our heavy hearts.

Medusa finds a welcome return to the sound of the first two releases…heavy and caressed by doom.  Furthermore, it’s not beyond the imagination for one to hear moments where clearly the likes of Black Sabbath and even Type O Negative have manifested themselves as influences.  Take for example, “The Longest Winter” or the opening track, “Fearless Sky.”  Still Paradise Lost maintains the trademark sound we’ve grown up with…the dual guitars layering, grooves and harsh/clean vocal combination of Nick Holmes.  While tracks like “Medusa” find vocalist Nick Holmes using clean vocals, there is much more of a return to the harsh voice as opposed to say, the One Second album.  The sound is gritty, doom-laden, and suitable for a dimly-lit fire-side listen.

Medusa is a great reminder of why we came to love Paradise Lost while reminding us that they still have much to look forward to in the future.  29 years since their inception, the band is still holding the candle.  For this writer, I had high hopes and they weren’t tarnished in the least.

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  1. Fearless Sky
  2. Gods of Ancient
  3. From The Gallows
  4. The Longest Winter
  5. Medusa
  6. No Passage
  7. Blood And Chaos
  8. Until The Grave

Please note the following:  Medusa will be available in the regular digipak CD edition September 1.  Limited edition colored vinyls (gold, purple, black, white, green and bi colored red/purple) are also available for pre-order and will arrive September 8.  Nuclear Blast also offers an exclusive CD-digi, Tshirt+poster bundle available September 1.  Digibook Import edition will be available September 8.

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