Special Thanks! / New Staff / Social Media Links

Hey Everyone!

Just a couple of things really quick… I wanted to send a heartfelt HUGE Thank You to everyone who has ever read the blog, submitted material, hit “Like” or retweeted…whatever, especially to the artists and labels who have to generously sent me their product or a digital promo.  Know that I very much am grateful for your time and try to create the best quality writing.

We are hitting out biggest day ever with the largest number of hits and we’re only half way through the day.

Some of you may not see because the links are always way down at the bottom of posts, that we have 3 social media sites…here at WordPress, Twitter and Also Facebook.  I encourage you to like or follow any or all of them.  This really helps us out and effectively helps us provide you with news of good music (and noise).  :o)  So please do so.  We make zero money from this…it’s not about that.  We are here for the artists, labels and PR agencies.

Follow The Noise Beneath The Snow on WordPress.com


ALSO… I want to welcome a new member to the fold…Ken Van Hoose.  Ken has been a LONG-time friend and will be assisting with blasting links on Youtube videos and assisting with research (contact information etc.).  I’ll put some contact info up for him in the near future.

It seems that you guys are hitting the interviews more so I will continue to try and do more of those.  Well that’s all I can think of at the moment.  Please stay tuned… always more to come.

William Z.


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