Throne of Blood – “Everywhen” NYOP Album Review

a0144359519_16Scotland and Iraq came to me this morning offering up some unique samples of noise.  So I figured, let’s go where most would not expect noise/power electronics to exist… but indeed they do in unique ways.

Throne of Blood is the first of today’s offerings with their Name Your Own Price digital release Everywhen.  This is the product of one Stewart McLachlan.   

The release contains four unnamed tracks; good when you consider the nature and purpose of the recording.  According to the artist’s bandcamp site, “Everywhen” is one extended piece split into 4 sections. The idea behind this record was simply to create a meditative, glacially-evolving textural piece that, if utterly surrendered to and experienced attentively, could induce euphoria, despair, or anything in between in the listener.”

Track 1 begins with a one chord-based drone followed by a slowly rising static wall of noise which increases in volume as the drone track remains constant.  Right away, this release creates almost a hypnotic, trance-like state.  By track 3, the drone synth because less audible and the noise takes a bit over more until about 3:43 when the noise completely drops off.   A slow-going synth, noise track consistently flows on a much lower level and then tapers off toward the end of the cut.  Track 4 is a straight-up harsh noise wall that can stand with the best of them but then tapers off near the end where the synth then puts a close to the release.

Here is why this release is unique.  Clearly it’s not the intent of the artist to exemplify the dynamics reasons why we all love noise.  I think the intent is herein is to hypnotize and offer a piece where the listener loses themselves in the drift created by the synth drone and the rising and falling of the noise wall…. very successful in its trance-like nature.

That’s all that really needs to be said.  Nice and different effort coming out of Scotland. Again, this is a Name Your Own Price release but it wouldn’t hurt for you to toss a couple dollars in this guy’s direction.  Go check it out.

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