DIM – “Compendium I” dig. Album Review (medieval/dungeon synth)

Compendium I – 

Some things are best let out of the dungeon once in a while.  And in the spirit of getting lost this week, we grab the candles and head south where one of the most promising dungeon synth projects I have heard in a VERY long time exists simply under the title DIM.  I found this today and could not ignore the discovery.

It is perhaps debatable where dungeon synth originated but some may find roots in medieval music and even associations in black metal.  Some of you might recall the two synth albums that Burzum composed while in prison or very early Mortiis recordings.  Anyway, many early dungeon synth recordings were very repetitive, too lengthy and largely used a limited number of tracks.

Not any more.  Obscure artists like Chaucerian Myth, Isegrimm and DIM seem to create compositions that are just slightly more complex and more akin to actual Medieval/Renaissance music.  Moreover, the tracks are shorter for the most part and hold the listener’s attention more often.

I know nothing about DIM, it’s member(s) or history… only this music, which makes a review all the more interesting.  Just appreciate it at face value.  The music on Compendium I is based upon sounds of harpsichord, piano, soft synths, flute and minimal cymbal/percussion.  7 tracks, each under 3 1/2 minutes not only hold one’s attention but let us look forward to the next track.

Believe it or not, dungeon synth is very much alive and well.  But few carry the torches. Count DIM among those few to lead the way now.  This is a really great dungeon synth release.  All the support on DIM’s bandcamp page can’t be wrong.



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