Creation Through Destruction & Maurizio Bianchi – “Nullification” Album Review

Nullification – Creation Through Destruction and Maurizio Bianchi

Not enough noise recordings experiment with frequencies that have the potential to physically alter the brain if even for the duration of the listening period, much less create a mix memorable enough to last beyond the final moments of the last track.  What Creation Through Destruction and Maurizio Bianchi have created herein do both.

Today’s offering arrives as a courtesy of 4ib Records; the collaborative release is Nullification from Creation Through Destruction and Maurizio Bianchi.

This is an industrial soundscape bathed in static and a mix and mastering of layers that border on brain-changing.

In the case of track 2, the piece actually tries to reach beyond the disc and mimic the sound of the actual disc skipping.  Don’t worry.  It’s probably not your disc.  Whereas tracks 1 and 2 are more noise-based soundscapes, Track 3, “Damage Mechanism” incorporates more of the use of found objects and random industrial-sounding strikes.  If you can imagine a possessed fast industrial-sized meat grinder with a bunch of metal objects being tossed in….there you have one of the elements of track 3.

Noise releases render challenges and benefits.  The challenges are in accurately describing the sound dynamics without the listener actually participating.  The benefits come from the actual and unique reasons why we are drawn to noise in the first place.

Nullification really sets itself apart for a number of reasons.  The depth and layering between the static and the more organic and industrial levels draw the listener inward to more consciously access the various levels and noises.  The left and right channel mixing only helps in this task immensely.  This is precisely the point at which the listener’s brain begins to alter and subsequently have the ability to actually remember the tonal dynamics after listening to the recording.  But you know those illustrations that when the viewer gets a fixed focus they see the three-dimensional images?  Consider this release to be the sonic equivalent.

From 4ib Records; 

“Serbian experimental harsh noise act Creation Through Destruction (Aleksandar Nenad) teams up with Italian Industrial maestro Maurizio Bianchi to create an industrial themed noisescape composed with analog equipment and treated with digital electronics.

The basis of this album revolves around the churn of machinery and throbbing pulses of mechanized loops. The overall ambience of analog sounds derived from field recordings, tape loops, radio static from a compact stereo and a damaged vinyl ebb and flow through the various layers, exuding a bleak reality of an industrialized dystopia.”

It’s great to realize that there are in fact, still experimental/noise artists out there who are willing to stretch the sonic boundaries; that create waves combining unique frequencies, field recordings and even damaged found objects.  Moreover, this one actually remains in the listener’s head well after the tracks are done…..Another unique and fantastic release from 4ib Records.

Nullification is limited to 250 CD copies and is available now.


  1. In The Machinery Room (Part I)
  2. In The Machinery Room (Part II)
  3. Damage Mechanism

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